Our goal is to act sustainable

Sustainability has been an important part of the company since Incase was founded in 2003. We make sure that our packaging manufacturers comply with the obligations of the Packaging Ordinance. Our products are marked with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo. In this way we want to create more transparency and represent our efforts in the area of ​​sustainability towards our customers and partners. The high-quality woods of our wooden brushes, for example, come from responsibly managed forests.

Sustainability does not end with the completion of production. Especially during use, the products will continue to claim the environment. We would like to help our customers how to handle the products as sustainable as possible and to increase their awareness of sustainable use.

For us, sustainability also means keeping the life of a product as long as possible. The proper care of brushes, brushes and co. has a great influence on the durability of the products.

Tips for sustainable care

Tips for sustainable care

Make-up residues, skin and dirt particles as well as bacteria are deposited over time in cosmetic brushes or brushes.

Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly to keep the skin clean and ensure a long life for your favorite products. This works best, for example. with the brush cleaning pad. Due to its three surface structures, the brush cleaning pad allows step by step effective and thorough cleaning of different sized cosmetic brushes.

To clean the brush of dirt particles and hair use easily the hairbrush cleaner.

How we deliver

How we deliver

Incase offers a customized distribution to its customers

We cover the entire range of delivery options, whether national or international logistics. The consignments are perfectly tailored to the respective assortment, the size of the consignment and the order rhythm of the existing storage and transshipment points. We allow maximum flexibility. Our customers in the branches are directly supplied. It is also possible to pre-fabricate individual branches via the central warehouse Cross Docking.

Sustainable production

Sustainable production

In order to develop products that are as sustainable as possible, we attach particular importance to the areas of materials and design.

A long-term design approach is also a key factor in making a product more sustainable. InCase has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2010. We develop individual and sustainable product range concepts and ensure that the products we distribute are produced under social standards in accordance with the BSCI criteria. The production sites of our suppliers are regularly inspected, inspections of the production sites take place annually. Our goods are also subjected to regular chemical and possibly physical tests by selected testing organizations such as TÜV, SGS, BV and Intertek both in China and in Germany. Certain products go through a special test and are delivered with a GS certificate from TÜV and can be awarded accordingly.

Our service


We offer innovative product design, customized assortment design and coordination, needs-based sales packaging as well as commissionable outer packaging.


We deliver with well-known logistics partners throughout Europe, weekly to central warehouses or drop shipment to the POS, just-in-time deliveries are possible and continuously monitor the supply chain.


Wir arbeiten mit international tätigen Prüfinstituten, sind Mitglied der BSCI, kontrollieren permanent die Ware sowie die Lieferanten und führen regelmäßige Firmenaudits in unserem Partnerbüro in Fernost durch.

quality assurance

We work with international testing institutes, are members of the BSCI, permanently inspect the goods and the suppliers and perform regular company audits in our partner office in the Far East