Soft feet

Soft feet

Cold and rough feet? Especially in the winter time, we should pay more attention to our feet. We'll show you how to make it supple soft again.

In the grey winter days, we often disregard our feet and almost panic when we can exchange the boots for our new summer shoes, but the feet are far to be shown. We once put together a few tips and tricks that show you how your feet always look in perfect conditions, even in cold days. After the foot baths, the cuticles can easily be pushed back with a rosewood stick and the roughened horniness rubbed off with a pumice stone or a foot file. However, do not immediately remove too much skin, otherwise there is a risk that it will grow back too fast. For cracked soles please go to the medical pedicure and do not handle by yourself.

Treat it with Honey

Honey has many healthy ingredients and is great for a little skin exfoliation. Simply dip your feet into a warm water bath and add a cup of honey. Every day 10-15 minutes and dry feet are a thing of the past.


Do it like Cleopatra: put a cup of warm milk in the foot bath and bath your feet for 10-15 minutes. After a few days, you already have beautiful supple feet.

All about banana

The bananas are important for our diet we already know. They are full of nutrients and give us a lot of energy. But they are also great helpers for our feet. Peel, puree and apply to your feet, wrap your feet in foil, slip into thick socks and legs up. The best thing is the effect of the foot mask over night. Then rinse off the yellow residues. Alternatively, you can also use a ripe avocado.

After Eight

Before you go to bed, just apply a few drops of peppermint oil on the cracked skin under your feet. The antiseptic properties of the oil not only work against germs and bacteria but also protect against new infections and relieve the pain.

Not just a ingredient in bakery

Probably the most widely used ingredient in baking can also be useful for our feet against annoying callused skin: baking soda! Baking soda acts as a natural exfoliant. The containing crystals help to remove hardening of the skin, to balance the pH - value of the skin and to remove unpleasant foot odor. Put 3 teaspoons in your warm foot bath and put your feet in it for about half an hour. Then rub the skin with a pumice stone, then rinse, dry and cream with coconut oil or olive oil. Repeat the application once a day until the cornea is removed.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a well-known household remedy in skin care and is also used in numerous cosmetics. No wonder that it should not be missing on the list of household remedies for beautiful feet. The application is just as easy as with the helpers described so far. Apply to clean feet and massage. For a foot mask, simply use a larger amount and pack your feet in warm conditions. An oil stamp makes applying even easier.

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