The perfect styling part 1

The perfect styling part 1

What are the brushes for and how do I apply them? In our perfect styling blog, we introduce you to the brushes and explain how to easily and quickly create a beautiful and even make-up.

No matter where we look, whether on Instagram, on websites, in magazines or on posters - everywhere we see beautiful women with flawless skin, perfectly painted eyes and full lips. They were also made by a professional make-up artist, do you think? That's probably true, but even without having completed a professional make-up training, you can get a lot out of you with a few tips and tricks. Let's introduce you to the most important products, tools and above all tips to help you create your own individual and glamorous look.

The utensils

The primer is the alpha and omega of your make-up. If it is not carefully incorporated, it quickly looks unnatural. Concealer, liquid make-up and rouge only develop the desired effect if they can form a connection with the skin. Of course, all products can be incorporated with the fingers, but easier and, above all, more effective with the right brushes.

The main brush

The extra soft natural brushes are particularly suitable for the finish with rouge, powder and eye shadow. The slightly harder synthetic brushes such as concealer, foundation and lip brushes are ideal for applying and incorporating liquid and creamy textures.

  • Concealerbrush
    Liquid concealer or highly pigmented topping cream can be distributed very precisely with these short and soft synthetic hairs.
  • Foundation brush (G16)
    to apply liquid make-up over a large area on the skin, the foundation brush is suitable. The synthetic hair absorbs the foundation well.

  • Eyeshadow Brush (G17 & G25)
    the wide version is suitable for eyeshadow base and bright eyeshadow, which are applied to the eyebrow. To take color and place it exactly on the eyelid, you can work with the short, narrow variant.

  • Eyebrow Brush (G48)
    For more expression on the eyebrows or to hide small bugs, apply the eyeshadow or eyebrow color in small strokes.

  • Lip Brush (G07)
    through the small, firm, pointed hair you can apply the lipstick color exactly and then smear with a lip liner.

  • Blush brush (G05)
    Colored pigments can spread over the skin with the broad rounded natural hair brush without leaving it spotty.

  • Powder brush (G03)
    With this very soft, usually slightly beveled natural hair brush, the powder can be evenly distributed on the skin, remove excess particles and create a velvety finish
The perfect styling part 1

Other Accessories

Of course, you can also incorporate your foundation easily with flexible sponges into the skin: For this purpose, then wash out the sponge with a mild shampoo after each use.

Eyelash curler
Make sure your eyelash curler has a soft rubber pad and warm the pliers with a hair dryer before use. Then you bend the eyelashes from the lash line to the outside step by step. Then shower directly with your mascara.

To pluck up unruly hairs, it's best to use bevelled tweezers. The flattened tip is important to be able to reach even the smallest hairs.

Brush cleaning
Invest in your brushes once, cleanse and care for them properly and they will accompany you for many years. This is especially good with an extra brush cleaner. Brush the wet brush over the pad a couple of times, preferably with some shampoo, then dab it on a tissue until no more color comes out and let it dry in the air. However, you should never brush against the direction of the brush hair, otherwise the fine hairs break off.

The natural brush you can thoroughly clean before first use and then once a month. The synthetic brush after each use.

Basic techniques

The concealer should never be missing. With it you can compensate for all bumps, dark eye edges and shading. The thin-bodied structure has a high proportion of color pigments, so it is very opaque while preserving the natural skin texture. The color should be brighter than your own skin tone (a shade brighter), with white or rosy nuances making the skin appear gray. For extremely dark eye shadows, you should first apply a pink-based corrector and then a skin-colored bright concealer.

In terms of color, it will perfectly match your skin type if you can no longer recognize that you have used a concealer.

Tip: Put a drop of concealer on the outer corner of your eye to open your eyes. That makes us look much more alert.
Tip 2:
Do not work with swollen bags with concealer - you would emphasize this even more. Work better with a cooling pad or decongestant gel and just apply a touch of foundation.

The perfect styling part 1
  1. Eye: Apply concealer under the eye and pat lightly with the ring finger. Also distribute in the inner and outer corner of the eye. Always pat in gently from the outside in to the bridge of the nose.

  2. Nose ridge: Do not pull the concealer to the tip of the nose - this will visually extend your nose.

  3. Forehead: Apply Concealer in the middle of the forehead and gently blur. This opens your face and gives you more radiance.

  4. Mouth angle: If you apply the concealer around the mouth, the lips are contoured and seem voluminous. Repaint the corners of the mouth on both sides and knock over the edges of the lips to the heart.

  5. Modeling: It gives your face more contour when you shade your nose and cheekbones with a dark concealer and spread it down.


Spend a lot of time choosing the right foundation - the tone should blend in with your skin tone and not look like a mask. Also note your different levels of tanning throughout the year, the lighter winter foundation is unlikely to match your tanned skin in the summer. In the summer you can change to a tinted day cream with SPF instead of the foundation. It not only moisturizes your skin but also protects it from UV rays, so you always look fresh and natural. You can apply a slightly darker tone to your cheekbones as a rouge substitute and also between your breasts. They are visually enlarged and beautifully emphasized.

/narrow face (foundation and concealer brush)
After the concealer has been worked in, gently work in and apply the make-up. Apply the lighter shade to the forehead, temples, bridge of the nose, chin and below the cheekbones and let it flow out over the chin. With a darker tone, you can model the face: from the brow to the nostril, move from the inside out and connect with the lighter tone on the cheekbones.
Be sure to blend the transitions very carefully to create a perfect contour.

The perfect styling part 1

/wide face (foundation, concealer brush and powder brush)
Here is also worked with two make-up nuances, but now vice versa. The dark tones outside and to the middle brighter. Apply the light tone to the middle of the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and above the cheekbones, and distribute and connect the darker tone to temples and cheekbones and jawbone. Then fix with powder.

The perfect styling part 1


Even with a little rouge you can make your face appear fuller, narrower, fresher, cooler or wilder. Powder rouge is versatile and well-adhering, cream rouge combines with skin contact directly with the skin and is ideal for shiny or shimmering effects. In fact, almost every shade of color matches every skin tone - depending on the effect you want to achieve. Brown looks tanned, pink is fresh and invigorating, purple cool and red alive.

The perfect styling part 1

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