The perfect styling part 2

The perfect styling part 2

Eyeshadows for different looks: The color palette of eyeshadows on the market is simply huge and new colors are constantly being added. Which color suits your type? Which look makes you shine the most?

Natural brown-gray nude and earth tones as well as delicate ivory tones can be applied on most occasions.
Please note: brighter tones have a lively effect and visually enhance the eye, dark tones like anthracite are ideal for eyeliner and in combination with iridescent blacks to lilacs for smoky eyes. With glossy eyeshadow you create highlights, these should be used for a "special effect" rather punctual.

Please do not forget your eyebrows too - they are part of the eye make-up;) It is best to brush your eyebrows with a brow brush and gently apply a dark eye shadow or medium brown eyebrow color with a small brush. So you're condensing your brows.

Laminate and model

To apply eye shadow perfectly, you can work best with small brushes or applicators. After you've picked up eyeshadow color, it's best to knock it off briefly so that no color pigments fall on your foundation. For better and longer hold of the eyeshadow, ensures a light priming of the eyelid. After it has dried, you put two shades on your eyelid. This looks more plastic and gives you a bigger space to play with the effects. Subtle color nuances for everyday life, more powerful and dark nuances for the dramatic look.

Less elasticity around the eyes
Bright colors highlight the slip-on visually. Therefore, you emphasize the area between the lash line and eyelid crease with a light eye shadow. Then you draw a line along the eyelid crease with a dark eyeshadow and then let it blush slightly to the eyebrow. It is important that the eye shadow is visible when the eye is open, which makes the eye appear larger. For the evening you simply put a darker layer of eyeshadow on the moving eyelid and draw an eyelid line with kohl or eyeliner. If you're working with a liquid eyeliner you just have to make sure that the eyeliner is dry before you open your eyes again, otherwise the line will be blurred.

The perfect styling part 2

For deep-set eyes
Even if your eyes are deep in the eye sockets, you can "bring it out" again with a bright eye shadow. To do this you start with a concealer, which you first apply to the middle of the upper lid and into the inside of the corner of your eye. Use only light colors that visually enlarge the eye and avoid dark tones. With an eyelash curler you bring now your eyelashes in shape and emphasizes them with a lot of mascara. With a bright kohl stroke on the lower eyelid you also open the view.

The perfect styling part 2

For small eyes
Number One also with this trick: bright colors! Similar if you have less elasticity around the eyes, you work here with a dark eyeliner in the eyelid crease and hides the color gently. However, emphasize the movable lid with color only at the outer corner of the eye. Inside you work with a bright color. To make your eyes shine even more, put her under the eyebrows still a highlighter. Make sure that you mix well the transitions and no hard lines.

You can also draw a fine line on the lash line with a light kohl. When applying mascara, it is essential to shower from the outside inwards so that the eyelashes are aligned. This makes the eyes appear bigger again.

The perfect styling part 2

With eyes close together
Again, you wear dark eyeshadow color only in the outer corner of the eye and let it leak soft to the outside - so the eye is visually stretched. Shadow inward with lighter eyeshadow. In addition, you can use a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. The closer you get to the nasal root, the softer and brighter the color should be. On the inner edge of the lower eyelid draw a fine line to the middle with a light kohl and continue to the outer corner of the eye with a darker kohl. With a cotton swab you soften the still hard transition. Even the eyelashes tenderly tender on the outside and you're done.

The perfect styling part 2

With eyes wide apart
Best suited is the Smoky Eye Look. For a make-up suitable for everyday use, use delicate cappuccino or stonewashed colors and soften the eye shadow over the outer corner of the eye. As a result, the eye looks a bit more rounded. Inside the corner of your eye you are working with a lot of color and a dark kohl on the inner lower eyelid. When applying mascara, especially the inner fine hairs wash and brush from the outside inwards carefully and vigorously.

The perfect styling part 2


  1. fix:
    Be sure to use pliers with rubber pads so your eyelashes do not break off. Apply eyelash curler to eyelash edge and squeeze.

  2. To bend:
    For a great swing open the pliers again and continue to set and compress a few millimeters further. Repeat until you reach the end of the eyelashes.

  3. inks:
    Blow eyelashes zigzagging from tip to toe. Work from the outside in and do not forget the hairs in the corner of your eye. Then focus on the lugs and go through the tips and lengths of the eyelashes.

False eyelashes do not have to be washed over again, because they are already perfectly separated and voluminous.

You can also find application tips and tutorials of the Guilia brush here:

The perfect styling part 2
The perfect styling part 2

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