The secrets of beautiful facial skin

The secrets of beautiful facial skin

Radiant complexion or fale skin? With a few tips, the skin looks healthy and fresh at any age. Thorough skin cleansing plays a big role here.

Secrets beautiful & smooth skin

Yesterday celebrated and too tired to make-up removal or let the healthy diet a little grind? The first signs are directly on your skin, because it is no longer rosy and fresh but is pale and pale. Our skin says more about us than we sometimes love and leaves a lasting impression on people. In addition to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, the most important thing is the skin cleansing. So girls - no matter how tired you are, you should never go to make-up sleep! Your skin would not forgive you. After all, the skin revitalises overnight, so that you can recover in the morning and look healthy. We've written some tips for you.

The right cleaning

With a thorough cleansing, you first remove the make-up traces, dead skin cells, sebum, skin fat and dirt particles that can block the pores and lead to blackheads and skin irritation, second, the facial cleansing prepares the skin for the absorption of active ingredients. Even if you don make-up?, such effective creams could not penetrate the lower layers of the skin and would only penetrate the surface. For very impure skin, please do not use strong alcoholic facial tonics. They remove too much fat from the skin and cause micro-inflammation and pimples. Instead, use better mild face gels, milk, or lotions that cleanse the pores deep without destroying the pH - value of the skin.

The secrets of beautiful facial skin
  1. Peeling: Dead skin cells are removed in a best way with a scrub and it also refines the complexion. If you use it weekly, your skin will soften and shine in a new freshness.

  2. wash gel: Apply washing gel or foam on the face in the evening to cleanse the skin of impurities and make-up.

  3. Eye cream: For young skin an eye-roll-on often is enough, otherwise apply an extra eye gel or cream for the delicate eye area in the morning and evening.

  4. Cleansing Milk: The make-up can be excellently removed with a gentle cleansing milk. The fat-free and mild lotion not only removes dirt particles but also improves the moisture balance of your skin.

  5. Mask: After cleansing the skin, it is recommended to apply a mask once a week, as the skin will absorb a lot of nutrients. For dry skin twice a week is more useful. Please choose the mask according to your skin type. A tip: clay works against oily skin and impurities, zinc soothes irritation.

  6. Moisturizer: Be sure to apply a moisturizer evenly on the face every day before make-up and let it absorb. The best is a cream with SPF.

  7. Tools: Cotton pads are suitable for tonics and lotions, make-up removal wipes and cotton swabs to eliminate small eyeshadow, mascara or lipstick blemishes.

eye cleaning

Use a cotton pad with an eye lotion for each eye. Clean the pad from outside to inside with the eye closed. This is how the natural flow of tears, which cleanses the eye from the inside, also runs. Dab off leftovers with a new pad.

facial cleansing

Foam face and nostrils with a cleansing milk, gel or foam, then rinse with water and then dab dry.

final cleaning

Wet the dry face with toner. So the skin rebuilds a natural acid-base balance and gives it a little kick of freshness.

Which cleaning on which skin?

Normal to dry skin
A gentle cleansing milk is already used for make-up removal. Add non-alcoholic toner to a cotton pad and remove any remaining fats. Instead of dabbing with water, preferably with tonic. For dry skin it is better to clean the skin with a peeling only every two weeks.

Oily and combination skin
Apply cleansing gel or mousse thoroughly and rinse with clean water - this will regulate sebum production and the skin will be dull. Treat with a toner. At least once a week, exfoliate the oily combination skin to remove dead skin cells and sebum deposits.

Individual skin types

With age the skin has different needs. First wrinkles or loose skin tension occur. A balanced diet also plays an important role here. Essential nutrients such as folic acid, B vitamins and Vitam C are exctracted of the body by smoking, alcohol or contraceptive pills. Small helper for a beautiful complexion is vitamin B12, which is contained for example in salmon, milk and eggs or the trace element zinc in oatmeal, wheat germ and rye.

The skin from 20

The skin from 20

The biggest problem with young skin is the impurities.

You can avoid this, however, while maintaining a thorough and daily cleaning and use of some beauty products. In order to maintain the firmness of the skin, it must be supplied with a lot of moisture. Especially around the eye area, you should prevent early with special products, as they quickly tends to dehydrate and thus wrinkling. Even a serum can help to prevent dark circles and have a decongestant effect. Here, however, make sure that you do not use products for mature skin. The creams with very rich substances would overuse your young skin. Even in the sun you should protect your face and use day care with SPF 15-20. Sunbeams unfortunately make our skin age faster.

The skin from 30

The skin from 30

Often the impurities are no longer the focus, but the first traces of our stressful everyday life are accompanied by nutritional problems and lack of exercise on the skin.

Especially now the cleansing procedure of the skin is very important, because the cell renewal slows down, so that skin damage becomes more and more visible. You should now spoil your skin more often with a special eye care and active-substance-rich masks. Cell damage and skin aging are caused by so-called free radicals. Antioxidants provide for a regeneration of the skin. We already have some natural cell protectors in our bodies that can neutralize the free radicals and prevent cell damage. Through a vitamin-rich diet you accelerate and protect this fight. A day cream with sufficient SPF also protects the skin from aging.

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