Find the perfect brush

Find the perfect brush

There are so many different brushes - but which one suits me? In our post we have put together some brushes for every hair type. So you have a better overview on your next brush purchase.

Hair spray, top serum, skin care - most of us have a nice choice of styling and hair care products. But the beauty helpers only bring half as much, if the hairbrushes with which we work our hair, can not keep up. The best investment in beautiful and healthy hair is therefore a good hairbrush! But which is the right one? Because having curly, smooth, brittle or dry hair plays an important role in choosing the right hairbrush. We explain which brush is the styling aid number one for your hairstyle.

long and medium-length hair

If you have long hair, you have to detangel, style and care for a large area of hair. As a rule, therefore, a large hairbrush is needed.

medium to short hair

For short hair brushes are suitable with natural bristles, such. Wild boar bristles excellent. They pick up remnants of styling products very well. The scalp fat is transported in the hair lengths. Dry hair and brittle hair is so well maintained and gets shine. If you have a greasy scalp, you should do without it.

short hair

Short hair is predestined for skeletal brushes - especially when it comes to airy-fringed cuts. If you have short, fine hair, which calls for more neck volume, is well advised with a small round brush.


The allrounders are suitable for every hair length and every hairstyle.

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