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We offer innovative product design, customized assortment design and coordination, needs-based sales packaging as well as commissionable outer packaging.


We deliver with well-known logistics partners throughout Europe, weekly to central warehouses or drop shipment to the POS, just-in-time deliveries are possible and continuously monitor the supply chain.

quality assurance

We work with international testing institutes, are members of the BSCI, permanently inspect the goods and the suppliers and perform regular company audits in our partner office in the Far East

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A change for the classic Dutt?

A change for the classic Dutt?

In this post we show you 3 looks for your slightly different bun - whether for a wedding, garden party, dinner or just like that. With the right accessories, you also set a small highlight.

Long hair but always the same hairstyle?

Long hair but always the same hairstyle?

Then try out something new with our new styling tools. Without expensive hairdressing visits you can conjure up a bob and shine again with long hair the next day - ala Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Co. Or you weave your sweet waterfall braids into your hair and decorate it with a great accessory. With the styling tools of Guilia, it is now a breeze.

The function of microfiber make-up removal wipes

The function of microfiber make-up removal wipes

Meanwhile, on every channel we can find more and more about the microfibre facial wipes. But do they clean the skin just as well as conventional moist facial tissues? We explain what's special - and say: Bye Bye Make-Up!